You're One in a Million, thank you


Did you miss those chats by the watercooler with your work colleagues? Grabbing a quick cuppa to gab about everything and nothing? 


We’ve all had to adapt to having “virtual meetings” this year - and it all seemed to happen overnight. 


At the same time, we’ve also had to hunt down a quiet corner in the house - away from the dog’s barking and your kids’ crying - in order to get any work done.


It seemed a little bit like “every man for himself” for a while there.


Did you pause for a moment to think about your work colleagues and what they’ve had to endure? The sacrifices they’ve had to make too?


But how do you say thank you?


Well, by organising time for them to get out of office together, unwind and reconnect! In a Covid-safe environment, of course.  


There’s this great Forbes article by Brian Scudamore that outlines all the reasons why team building is the most important investment you’ll make.


To quote the article: “The most successful, memorable team-building events are ones that don’t feel like a day at the office.” 


Does the term “team building” bring awkward “The Office” scenes to mind? Well, then you are probably doing it wrong. 


“How do you know you’ve gotten team building right? 


If there’s laughter, a sense of excitement and accomplishment, and maybe a few Instagram moments, you’re definitely on the right track!” writes Scudamore. 


Hm…(rubbing my chin) Sounds to me like they are talking about outdoor go-kart racing!


Lucky for you, there’s amazing mid-week specials that will do the trick. Check them out and book online below.





The proof is in the pudding, so check out how much fun we’ve been having on social media below.


Can’t wait to welcome you and your colleagues to the track.